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united bamboo

she exits

Une Femme Est Une Femme


Studio on Fire


So crazy jealous of this impeccable studio. Knew how good his work was, but it's amazing to see his process. Such a clean printer. Original by Gestalten TV.



Red Grooms, 1981

from my blog, Art Database

holey moley

an open leter to online activists

To Whom It May Concern:

Please stop signing me up for your email newsletter every time I try and do good by signing a petition. The whole point of a petition is to get as many people as possible to sign and agree towards a goal. Automatically attaching everyone to your daily newsletters every single time they sign a petition is cheap. If we wanted your newsletters we'd sign up for them on our own. This makes me weigh whether or not I want SPAM every time I want to voice my opinions with a petition, which is not the point.

Cease and Desist,
The Internet.

the good life

rumi at fashiontoast



life is hard but you are strong

Sighn is a wonderful person. His life's work is the "It's OK" series, an edition of 1 million hand-cut wood small sculptures. I bought one when I first heard about his project a few years ago, and it's one of the first 2,000. I'm not sure what number he is on now, but it's an amazing project. Have your own piece of it by visiting Multi Polar Project.


Only a few months out of school and I'm already itching to redesign my identity. Super inspired by STITCH and their cohesive, informative business cards.


hazy summer lookbook

Kling's lovely summer lookbook. Sometimes it's too easy to make a photo dreamy and atmospheric (and therefore likeable). But this summer lookbook looks like a perfect day well spent in gorgeous clothing.



tilda swinton is so unique-looking and wonderful



Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth is a painting that pretty much embodies home for me. I grew up in Pennsylvania's Delaware County, right next to Wyeth's Bucks County, and all of his landscapes look like meadows that I played in. Not to mention every home in my family had a print of this painting hanging somewhere.




this movie is going to rule so hard

Ruby Helmets with Jerome Coste

I grew up expecting to ride my dad's motto guzzi but he sold it before I was old enough. That was one of the saddest days I can remember, even if for a stupid reason. Now I'm totally ready for a bike or scooter, but would be even more so with this sleek Ruby Helmet.


maison martin margiela

maison martin margiela
le sebille
ld tuttle

fabio cammarata



Visited the BMA briefly yesterday and saw a few old favorites, like this portrait by Matisse. I love the sliver of light that hits the side of her nose and how he can leave the fingers like that. So many of his models are dated by their clothing, but her stripes are timeless.


by Maurizio Santucci, a.k.a. BOMBO