Kyle White's floral typography is super beautiful. I love how the floral shapes abstract some of the typographic hard edges and vice versa. Great balance.




end of the earth

These sedimentary earth bookends by Literature are incredible.



crown royal

pages I can't close

For Me For You by Kate Miss

I've been collecting tabs at the top of my browser window that I can't seem to close. Here they are to get them out of my mind.


hand carved wood type

These are some awesome hand printed cards by InHaus Press, right here in San Francisco! I have a huge attraction to slightly imperfect black ink, and these cards are really doing it for me.



prints by Ray Morimura


Art Crush: Female Classmates

This edition of my art crushes is based off of the lovely ladies of MICA who are currently working on their senior thesis (thes-i?). I ended up hanging out with a number of talented illustrators in the years under me in my time at MICA, and seeing them all working on their senior thesis now is incredibly inspiring.

Julianna Brion (above and below) is an amazing lady with some serious style. What I love most about her work is how she can take modern shapes and make them look so natural with pencil , crayon, or paint texture.
I totally want this spot illustration of hers as a tattoo. Speaking of tattoos, I already have a letter drawn by Kristin Nohe permanently etched into my skin(it's a "B" for "Baltimore"). No wonder, because she has an amazing knack for fun lettering. I'm also really inspired by the patterns she's been creating, like this one, titled "Rococo Flowers."

Qing Zhuang is just amazing and hilarious and so unique; I love everything she does. Especially this spot illustration that I'm guessing is based off of her obsession with this black poodle that used to roam our neighborhood:


Art Crush: Wayne Pate

I have a new art crush. His name is Wayne Pate and he makes killer screen prints. Thanks for the link, Grace.


four things for a perfect Valentine's Day

1. Justin Bieber.

2. Owen Pallett's cover of Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" on repeat:

3. A set of The Swap Meet's "Crushin'" Valentines:

And 4. John Turturro's amazingly campy/quirky 2005 movie Romance & Cigarettes. This movie has the best cast pretty much ever, with James Gandolfini, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Steve Buscemi, Christopher Walken, Mandy Moore, Mary Louise-Parker, Eddie Izzard and Amy Sedaris. Completely hilarious and very, very strange. (and it's on Netflix Instant!)